Let's Change the World. One Bite at a Time.

Sometimes, You Just GottaHalf-Ass It Til You Make It!

Wanna Try Part-Time Veganism?

Often people who love animals, care about the environment, and seek health already know they should go vegan, but since they don't feel ready to do it full-time, they don't do it at all. Please know it is OK to do this a little at a time. That is how permanent changes unfold and new habits form. If you're ready to go vegan for life, great! If you're not fully committed, but want to follow the vegan path, let's find options.

If giving up cheese seems too daunting at first, we'll pick something easier you can switch out. Do you eat cereal with cow's milk for breakfast? Let's find a vegan milk you enjoy, whether it's soy, almond, coconut, etc. Chances are you'll never miss it!

Any change involving lifelong food habits and cravings occurs as a process. Perhaps at first you eat vegan on weekdays and whatever you want on weekends. You might go from eating meat twice per day to only once.  Some start with "meatless Mondays" and build from there.  It takes 30 days to form a new habit, so you can always give veganism a 30-day trial and see how you feel!

Your Vegan Coach has learned, via Cornell University, a more advanced  vegan diet that protects the heart and prevents disease. But it, too, requires drastic change. I'm taking one step at a time to make my own health better, right alongside you. Your Vegan Coach loves you!