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Here's What People Are Saying About Your Vegan Coach


Nkenna Onwuzuruoha


"I wholly recommend Elisa as a vegan coach with great confidence and enthusiasm. I’ve known Elisa for the past seven years I’ve lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and have seen her actively promote veganism for both its health benefits and cruelty-free nature. She works to create positive environments where non-vegans can learn more about vegan practices and enjoy plant-based foods and other vegan products with those around them. I’ve had the pleasure of having some of her salads and healthy, yet delicious desserts. Outside of cooking and baking, Elisa supports local vegan establishments. She’s personally treated me to restaurants such as Omar’s Rawtopia, Zest, Frisch, Sage’s, City Cakes, Vertical Diner, etc. and often brings dishes from these or other vegan establishments to share with people at various outings. It’s truly a pleasure to have fresh, nourishing, plant-based food with good company. I am in utter amazement at how Elisa is not only this supportive to me, but also to the large community of people around her. When people, vegan or non-vegan, are exposed to the type of environment that Elisa works to create, it attests to the fact that veganism is not a trend or a diet, but a lifestyle. 

Moreover, Elisa is well-known in Salt Lake’s vibrant and growing vegan community. She’s present and vocal in a caring way about animal injustice. She regularly supports animal rights causes by donating money, her time volunteering, and her expertise as a public speaker and writer. I know of her work with Best Friends, West Valley Animal Services, Ching Farm Sanctuary, and SLC’s Pit Crew (an advocacy group making people aware of the untruths about pit bulls). At the end of the day, Elisa is the type of vegan that can have people who showcase a spectrum of doubts about veganism let down their walls, listen, and ask questions without the fear of insult. The vegan community needs more activists willing to educate people about veganism with a loving attitude and a breadth of knowledge as does Elisa. I assure you that those who are so lucky as to have Elisa as a vegan coach will find it to be a transformative experience!"

-Nkenna Onwuzuruoha  (vegan since 2011)

Chancellor Rose Partington

Chancellor Rose Partington

"Elisa is one of the single most caring and compassionate souls I’ve ever known. Her depth for encouragement and loyalty knows no bounds. When I made the decision to go vegan a little over five years ago, she cheered me on in every way imaginable. We went over meal planning whenever I needed clarification or a refresher, grocery shopped together, cooked together, and enjoyed exploring new vegan cuisine options she’d discovered in our city. In addition to the fun stuff, Elisa helped me understand the importance of vitamins and supplements in my  diet as a vegan. 

Throughout my journey from carnivore to vegetarian to vegan, I never sensed one ounce of condemnation or judgement from Elisa; she has been and continues to be nothing but a ray of vegan sunshine and wealth of knowledge. She is full of great cookbook recommendations – as well as documentary suggestions that will help shed light on the importance of being vegan for our health and for the animals. In my estimation, there is no one better suited to guide you on your tour of and transition to veganism. Elisa is in a league all her own; her kindness, responsiveness, and dedication is unmatched." 

-CR Partington (vegan since 2012)


Cleo Holladay

Vegan? Vegetarian?

I thought both words described people who didn’t eat meat. Little did I know! I did know my dear friend Elisa Stone was a Vegan and was a Vegan Coach. 

So, in 2018, when I was diagnosed with lung cancer I became a devoted disciple and went to Elisa for information and help. In her soft voice, with absolute facts, Elisa educated me about the benefits of a plant based diet and how it could have a positive effect on my cancer treatment. So, I started to change my life. Each day is challenging and fascinating.

After 5 radiation treatments and 4 OPDIVO infusions, the cancer has shrunk. I will continue to live a healthier life, thanks to “My Vegan Coach Who Loves Me” 

Cleo Holladay /Mrs. Rex Partington, Apalachicola Florida

Melanie Moore


 "Elisa has been vegan for so long that I don’t remember when she was not vegan. She has been a wonderful example of healthy eating and exercise for as long as I can remember. She is also a wonderful cook and knows how to make tasty vegan dishes. I am particularly fond of her butternut squash soup, almond butter cake and chocolate chip pumpkin bread. When I decided to go vegan last summer her enthusiasm for my decision was palpable. She not only encouraged me to make healthier eating choices but offered to coach me. Making the transition to vegan was challenging but with her help it was possible to go vegan and drop 30 pounds. She had great tricks and tips due to her ongoing research and passion for the cause. Not only is her passion for eating healthier but also for the kind and humane treatment of animals. Her love for animals is one of her most endearing and defining qualities. Her love for them is so deep and meaningful that it physically pains her to see any animal suffer. Her mission in life is to end animal suffering and to promote wellness. If I have yet to meet anyone more worthy of this cause than Elisa. She will bring light and education to anyone that she coaches. She is an educator already and combined with her passion for healthy eating and animal kindness, she will be a great asset for change and advocacy wherever she may be."

-Melanie Moore, (Vegan since 2017) 

Andrew Merry


 "Elisa Stone has been most helpful in my transformation into becoming a vegan giving me ideas and diet and resources to go to. Elisa has made herself available and I needed her for advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She continues to be a cheerleader."

-Andrew E. Merry (vegan since 2017)

Marsha Partington


“I have known Elisa for 8 years. Though all that time she has been a passionate vegan and lover of all sentient beings, I never felt judged by consuming meat or dairy.  As the years have gone by, I am more educated about health and plant based diets as well as inhumane animal treatment.   Elisa has gently guided me through this journey of change, and has been an exuberant supporter of the  smallest dietary changes, cheering me on.  Though she is not officially 'my coach,' I suspect one day soon she will be.  Why?  Because there is no one who has worked harder to be enlightened and informed about health, animal well-being and our planet and their connection to plant based diets.  I have enormous respect for her knowledge and her compassionate style.  Anyone who hires Elisa as their vegan life coach could not have made a better choice.  She is, simply put, 'THE BEST!' 

- Marsha Partington, Hopkins, MN

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