Let's Change the World. One Bite at a Time.

To Make a Change, You Gotta Have a WHY

Start with your companion animal


Who doesn't have a childhood pet they cherished? Many of us have companion animals now. Look into their eyes. They are no different from animals bred, used, and consumed for food. If you can love one, you can love them all.

Understand animals' pain


We intuitively know in our hearts and minds that animals suffer. Think back to the child you once were, who would never want to hurt an animal. That child IS you. Rather than turning away, from torment, pain, fear, and brutality on your plate, take back your innocence. Give animals back their lives and dignity.

Stop BEing Suffering and Death


You know the saying "You are what you eat?" Well, you ARE. Don't eat suffering, disease, fear, pain, and violent death.  These will become part of you. Choose vitality. Choose life. You deserve it. So do they.

Going Vegetarian is Not Enough


Life as a dairy cow involves rape racks, constant discomfort and pain, fear, and the loss of your newborn calf at just one day old. Life ends in brutal slaughter. The egg industry is equally violent, confining, and cruel. To do right by animals, go vegan.

But what about fish?


In addition to over-fishing, by-catch, and mercury buildup, fishing is painful and cruel. Telling yourself otherwise is denying the reality of life for the beings who inhabit our waters. Leave them to their own lives.

Cruelty has no place in science or fashion or anywhere else


Think of the most powerful leaders and role models--Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama. We evolve through love and cooperation, not through oppression and exploitation. BE the change you wish to see in the world!


But what about people? Don't they matter more?

There is no "either" "or"

All life is interconnected. The fate of all animals is intertwined, whether we see it or not. To become more aware of this, read Will Tuttle's The World Peace Diet. In harming and exploiting animals, we harm and exploit the planet, and in  turn, the most vulnerable among us. Stop harming and exploiting animals, and the planet begins to recover; people become less violent, and world hunger is literally solved. Change is a process. It begins with you, right now.

Learn More

There are many films and books to help you become more educated about the plight of animals, our world, and our health. Here is a sample list of documentaries to consider, in addition to the newly released Dominion:


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